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“The Lifestyle Fitness” can help you prevent deterioration of physical strength & muscle weakness and can also prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, & diabetes by strengthening bone mineral density and muscles.

“The Lifestyle Fitness” help rapid recovery of body by promoting blood circulation & lymph circulation and it can be applied  to light exercise treatment for recovery.

“The Lifestyle Fitness” stimulates secretion of Serotonin ( Happiness hormone), Neurotrophine ( Brain stimulating hormone),Testosterone (Men’s hormone), Estrogen (women’s hormone),HGH & IFG-1 (Growth hormone) and helps to maintain health & recover the vitality of life.

It helps to effectively prevent, eliminate cellulite accumulation which cause the change of body type, by improving blood & lymph circulations and secretion of growth hormone.

Also improves intestinal function through healthy intestinal movement and helps to reduce body fat,maintain skin elasticity by effectively mobilizing the fat during exercise,through strengthening the flexibility of fat tissue.


+ Circulation of lymph & excreation of body waste.

+Reduce proportion of body fat

+Inhibit formation of cellulite

+Increase basic metabolic rate

+Vitalize the functions of digestion & metabolism through efficient  intestinal movement

+Stimulate secretion of hormone

+Reduce stress hormone

+Recover weakened muscle & skin elasticity


+Effect of  improvement for abdominal subcutaneous fat

+Effect of aerobic exercise in simple & short time

+Control body type part through the exercise with various posture

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We are your One-Stop LifeStyle Fitness that caters to the Health-Conscious with services such as Korean Detox Sauna, Chiropractic Therapy, SONIX Sonic Wave Vibration Exercise System and others.
Our specially-customised Beauty Slimming packages & Health Care packages will ensure that you achieve your goals of Beautification, Slimming, and Detoxification while enjoying fun and relaxation during the therapy sessions.
To provide affordable, fast, effective and fun therapy sessions for you at your convenience.