Negative Ions (Tourmaline Stone) & Infra Red Rays


The Lifestyle Fitness provides the Korean Detox Sauna that has 7 major benefits namely, Beautification, Body Slimming, Detoxification, Immunity & Health, Disease Fighting, Eradicate Waste Products, Metabolism.


The Korean Detox Sauna Room utilises neither water nor steam like conventional saunas. Our therapy rooms maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity throughout your sessions, thus there will not be respiratory strains, providing you comfort and relaxation. It is suitable for all ages.


In the therapy rooms, customers lie down on the Tourmaline stone bed. The Far Infra-Red Rays provide rich negative oxygen ions that cause abundant perspiration that benefits human bodies blood and energy circulation. The temperature in the therapy room is far more bearable in comparison to conventional saunas for those who are worried about their comfort level.


Sauna Detox Center provides general relaxation, getting rid of toxins in your body, beauty and weight loss benefits. The Far Infra-Red Rays work by increasing the temperature throughout the body, including the liver (detox center of human bodies), energizing the nervous system and hormonal balance.


In addition to the above, Far Infra-Red Rays also causes combination vibration, which works on red blood cells and sweat. The sweat produced is clear perspiration droplets that are expelled through the skin that has heightened secretion abilities. The negative oxygen ions combined with red blood cells produce more oxygen to the body thus decreasing the possibility of hypoxemia (low level of oxygen in blood). The abundant supply of oxygen fights skin aging, in addition to the combination vibration from the Far Infra-Red Rays, customers will emerge more energized and healthy.