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The Lifestyle Fitness uses the Sonic Wave Exerciser that is the most advanced Sonic Wave Therapy System using the Sonic World unique electromagnetic technology and vibration principles of sonic speaker mechanisms instead of rotating motors to generate sonic wave vibrations with frequencies of 4Hz to 50Hz. SONIX Sonic Wave Whole Body Vibration generates precise vertical vibrations which are delivered to the person on the plate and these vibrations penetrate deep into the individual organs and cells and stimulate them, giving the best form of physical exercise within 10 minutes.

Using wave energy that has strength greater than gravity, it creates repeated movements for faster and stronger contraction and relaxation of muscular fibres. It also helps address muscle fatigue and promotes muscular strength. Sonic Wave Exerciser allows you to adjust the vibrating frequencies and intensity levels independently; according to your physical conditions. The beneficial effects of SONIX Sonic Wave Vibration Exercise System include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation, and posture and balance sense. These advantages would be good for the old, the disabled, the injured and the obese.

The Sonic Wave Exerciser aids in:

– Rehabilitation

– Aesthetic

– Fitness & Sports



Sonic WAVE & The Human Energy System

Typically, we treat the human body as a mechanical device by replacing parts that fail as you would an automobile, or addressing symptoms of illness rather than impacting wellness. The human body is an energy system and it’s time to treat it as such.

The human body has nearly 100 trillion cells. These cells are composed of atoms which have a nucleus at the center with electrons orbiting it at nearly the speed of light. For thousands of years, Eastern medicines have embraced the idea of energy fields in the body and realized that blockages in these energy flows can lead to poor health and disease. SONIX Sonic Wave Vibration Exercise System addresses this by utilizing sonic waves to stimulate the energy flow in your cells, allowing them to flow freely.

Special Training
Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance

Sonic Wave Exerciser increase strength and stamina by stimulating fast twitch muscle fiber. For athletes who need high power in a short time, as in running, jumping, and throwing, it is very critical to maintain the weight and performance of fast twitch muscle fiber. Sonic Life exercise also helps improve muscular endurance by stimulating HGF (human growth hormone) secretion to help improve performance of slow twitch muscle fiber.

Safe, Efficient Effect of Sonic Waves

Sonic Wave Exerciser units emit sonic waves which exercise and stretch tendons and ligaments which are difficult to work out with traditional exercise. Sonic waves exercise not only the large muscles of the human body, but also small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvic muscles which traditional exercise cannot effectively affect.

Sonic WAVE ExerciseR Combined With Standard Power Training

Contrary to usual muscle training like weight lifting, vibration exercise reduces the risk of overload to joint, tendon, or ligaments.

General Training
Helps Improve Body Balance and Health

Sonic Wave Exerciser is very effective and efficient for those who cannot exercise due to physical problems or disabilities as well as for trained athletes. In 10 minute sessions, and in a floor space of about 3 feet square, users can successfully exercise easily and quickly without stress to bones, ligaments and muscles. The user experiences the effect of regular aerobic exercises by just standing on the Sonic Wave Exerciser.